Please see below a list of dates we have walks available to book, we are also available most weekends and other dates by arrangement.

Please look at our Llama Walk page to see the different walks we offer and prices

Llama Walks


Closed on MONDAYS (except Bank Holidays)

Dates Currently booked in.

We do one Llama Walk a day, 4 days a week

These walks are subject to Weather conditions

TBA = First to book has choice of Walk (Subject to conditions)

These walks are subject to Weather conditions

Payment in Full at time of Booking 

          • 7th May FULL
          • 8th May  FULL
          • 9th May FULL
          • 11th May Short Walk 10.00am(4)
          • 14th May FULL
          • 15th May FULL
          • 16th May FULL
          • 21st May Short Walk 10.00am
          • 22nd May FULL
          • 23rd May FULL
          • 25th May Short Walk 10.30am
          • 27th May Short Walk 10.30am(4)
          • 29th May FULL
          • 30th May FULL
          • 31st May Cream Tea 2pm (2)
          • 1st June FULL
          • 4th June FULL
          • 5th June FULL
          • 6th June Half Day Walk 11am
          • 9th June Short Walk 10.00am
          • 10th June Cream Tea Walk 2pm(2)
          • 12th June FULL
          • 13th June FULL
          • 15th June Short Walk 10.00am
          • 18th June Short Walk 10.00am
          • 19th June Cream Tea Walk 2pm(2)
          • 20th June Lunch Walk 10.30am
          • 23rd June Short Walk10.00am
          • 24th PROV FULL
          • 26th Short Walk 10.30am
          • 27th June Meet & Greet 10am
          • 27th June Cream Tea Walk 2pm(2)
          • 29th June FULL
          • 2nd July Short Walk 10.30am(4)
          • 3rd July Cream Tea Walk 2pm(2)
          • 4th July FULL
          • 6th July Cream Tea Walk 2pm(4)
          • 7th July Short Walk 10.00am
          • 10th July Half Day Walk 10.30am
          • 11th July Short Walk 10.30am(4)
          • 14th July Short Walk 10.00am
          • 16th July Cream Tea Walk 2pm
          • 17th July Short Walk 10.30am
          • 18th July FULL
          • 20th July Short Walk 10.00am
          • 22nd July Short Walk 10.30am
          • 24th July Lunchtime Walk 2pm
          • 25th July Short Walk 10.00am
          • 28th July Lunchtime Walk 11am
          • 30th July Short Walk 10.00am
          • 30th July Meet & Greet 3pm
          • 31st July Cream Tea Walk 2pm
          • 1st Aug Half Day Walk 10.30am
          • 3rd Aug Short Walk 10.00am
          • 5th Aug Short Walk 10.00am
          • 7th Aug Cream Tea Walk 2pm
          • 8th Aug Short Walk 10.00 am
          • 11th Aug FULL
          • 13th Aug Cream Tea Walk 2pm
          • 14th Aug Cream Tea Walk 2pm
          • 15th Aug Lunchtime Walk 11am
          • 17th Aug Short Walk 10.00am
          • 19th Aug Short Walk 10.30am(4)
          • 19th Aug Meet & Greet 3pm
          • 21st Aug Short Walk 10.00am
          • 22nd Aug  FULL
          • 25th Aug Short Walk 10.00am
          • 25th Aug Meet & Greet 3pm
          • 27th Aug Cream Tea Walk 2pm
          • 28th Aug Lunchtime Walk10.30am
          • 29th Aug Short Walk 10.00am
          • 29th Aug Meet & Greet 3pm
          • 30th Aug Short Walk 10.00am
          • 1st Sept Short Walk 2pm
          • 4th Sept Cream Tea Walk 2pm
          • 5th Sept Short walk 10.30am
          • 7th Sept Cream Tea walk 2pm
          • 12th Sept Half Day Walk 10.30am
          • 15th Sept FULL
          • 2nd Oct FULL
      • TBA – Means the date is in the Diary but the type of walk hasn’t been fixed.  First to book gets choice of walk.
  • FULL means the Walk is Full, if there is a cancellation the date will be advertised again.

More dates will be added shortly, if you have a date in mind please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

    • N/A = These dates are not available for walks
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