Breeders of Llamas & Alpacas on Dartmoor, Devon

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful area of Dartmoor in the hamlet of Ponsworthy. We live on a small hill farm which has been in my family for as far back in time as we can trace. Ponsworthy is near the village of Widecombe in the moor, famous for its fair and Uncle tom Cobley.

In 2005 we decided to widen our interests and develop a small herd of breeding Alpacas. This has been a very interesting and enjoyable experience which we are continuing to develop.

Very often in life one thing leads to another in our case Alpacas lead to Llamas. As we live in such a beautiful part of the country we thought that walking llamas on the moor would be a lovely way to spend time. We have so many walks on our doorstep and we can pack up lunch which our llamas will willingly carry along with all the necessary waterproofs etc. We enjoy this experience very much and thought that we would be able to offer this opportunity to visitors who come to the moor as well as generate some income.

After many hours of talks with National Park officials, Landowners and several dozen letters to farmers and local commoners (individuals with rights to graze their animals on the common areas of the moor) we are now in the privileged position to be able to operate a llama walking business on Dartmoor. So in 2006 brought two trained trekking llamas, these were soon joined by two young llamas which we have trained to go out on walks. About a year latter we purchase two more young llamas to complete our trekking team.

Some of these Llamas are no longer with us or have moved on to pastures new. We currently have 5 Llamas Polo,  Mr McGee, Leo, Bella and Marlia and two Alpacas Logan and Midnight in our Trekking team.

We offer a personal service to our visitors and share our love and knowledge of the moor.

So Dartmoor Llama walks has grown so maybe now we should call ourselves Dartmoor Alpaca & Llama walks.  Although we are not the only Llama and Alpaca trekking business with in the National Park, we do believe we give a unique insight into the life and history of Dartmoor as well as our experience of Alpacas and Llamas.  We describe our walks more of a Guided Walk on Dartmoor with a Llama then just a Llama Walk.