Our Team of Llamas

We currently have Six Llamas,  Mr McGee, Leo, Marlia and Bella, Willow and Tilly

See below for more information about them all.


Bella  (2018) joined the Trekking team in early 2019.  She is very calm Llama and is a regular member of the Trekking Team.  Although one of the youngest llamas in the group, she is by far the largest, she is inches taller than here half Brother Mr Mc Gee. She is a Spotty Llama, mainly white with black and brown spots with in her fleece. Bella will start to carry a pack this year (2021)


Marlia (2018) arrived with Bella early 2019.  As you can see she looks different from our other Llamas, she is a Suri Llama, her fleece looks like dreadlocks and is very silky.  Marlia is very calm and brave, she will take on the role of Lead Llama if Polo isn’t in the group.  She is trained to take a pack and will start to take weight this year (2021)  Marlia is always popular with walkers as she is calm and enjoys a Hug.

Willow & Tilly

Willow and Tilly (2020) arrived in April 2021 and have started their training before joining the main Trekking Team.

Mr McGee

Mr McGee

Mr Mcgee along with Leo came to us in Nov 2014 when they were just over 12 months old. They are usually together on our walks. Mr McGee is trained to carry a pack so is usually carrying the picnic. Mr Mcgee is known as Woolly Llamas which means he has a much more fibre than other llamas and needs to be clipped in the Summer to make carrying a pack more comfortable.