Llama Walks on Dartmoor in the Stunning South Devon Countryside

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We are so please to be able to open on the 12th April.

We are busy taking bookings in what looks like its going to be a very busy year.

Please book well in advance especially if you would like to do a walk in the School holidays.

Set in the heart of the stunning Dartmoor National Park near Widecombe-in-the-Moor, come and experience the beautiful rugged landscape of this unspoilt area of the Southwest of England.

With Llamas and Alpacas becoming more popular and many choices of walking Alpacas especially, we offer what we think is a Unique way to enjoy Dartmoor .

At Dartmoor Llamas we describe our walks more of a Guided Walk on Dartmoor with a Llama (or Alpaca) rather than just a Llama Walk. Steve & Diane started Dartmoor Llamas in 2007, Steve comes from a farming family who’s history on the family farm can be traced back to the 1600s.

We will give you a flavour of the different aspects of the moor whether it be craggy granite tors, heather moorland, patchwork farmland, deep wooded gorges or tumbling rivers. The Dartmoor National Park covers an area of 368 square miles and is the largest and wildest area of open country in southern England. Dartmoor has lots of historic relics from Bronze age Hut Circles to Tin Mining, we will give you lots of information about how it is to live and work on the Moor past and present.

Llamas make ideal walking companions as they are very calm and gentle animals as well as being alert and intelligent, they will gladly carry our picnic whether it be a Cream tea or a two course lunch (they are not called the truck of the Andes for nothing).

For Prices and Descriptions of the walks on offer please go to the Llama Walk page

Our walks include a picnic using locally produced or sourced fresh produce.

We operate our walks from Mid March until end of December, subject to weather, All our walks will start from a pre arranged point on Dartmoor.  All walks need to be booked in advance.

Meet Our Llamas & Alpacas

We currently have seven Llamas & two Alpacas that make up our trekking team.  They are all friendly and love to walk with you on your trek over Dartmoor.

Llama Trekking On Dartmoor

Dartmoor Llama Walks offer a range of Llama Treks suitable for all abilities that vary in distance. We can also tailor our walks to meet your requirements.

Holidays on Our Llama Farm

Why not stay in our 4* Holiday Cottage on our small holding, enjoy peace and tranquility and stunning scenic views over Dartmoor

Video of Our Llama Walks & Stunning Views

Griff Rhys Jones Visits Dartmoor Llama Walks

Dartmoor Llama Walks was visited by Griff Rhys Jones during the making of his latest TV Series “Griff’s Great Britain “.  We are so pleased to be part of the program and Griff loved being with our Llamas as you can see in our photographs.

 Llama Walking Dates

Please see below a list of dates we have walks available to book, we are also available most weekends and other dates by arrangement.

Please look at our Llama Walk page to see the different walks we offer and prices

Llama walks

Closed on MONDAYS (except Bank Holidays)

Dates Currently booked in

These walks are subject to Weather conditions

    • 7th May FULL
    • 8th May  FULL
    • 9th May FULL
    • 11th May Short Walk 10.00am(4)
    • 14th May FULL
    • 15th May FULL
    • 16th May FULL
    • 21st May Short Walk 10.00am
    • 22nd May FULL
    • 23rd May FULL
    • 25th May Short Walk 10.30am
    • 27th May Short Walk 10.30am(4)
    • 29th May FULL
    • 30th May FULL
    • 31st May Cream Tea 2pm (2)
    • 1st June FULL
    • 4th June FULL
    • 5th June FULL
    • 6th June Half Day Walk 11am
    • 9th June Short Walk 10.00am
    • 10th June Cream Tea Walk 2pm(2)
    • 12th June FULL
    • 13th June FULL
    • 15th June Short Walk 10.00am
    • 18th June Short Walk 10.00am
    • 19th June Cream Tea Walk 2pm(2)
    • 20th June Lunch Walk 10.30am
    • 23rd June Short Walk10.00am
    • 24th PROV FULL
    • 26th Short Walk 10.30am
    • 27th June Meet & Greet 10am
    • 27th June Cream Tea Walk 2pm(2)
    • 29th June FULL
    • 2nd July Short Walk 10.30am(4)
    • 3rd July Cream Tea Walk 2pm(2)
    • 4th July FULL
    • 6th July Cream Tea Walk 2pm(4)
    • 7th July Short Walk 10.00am
    • 10th July Half Day Walk 10.30am
    • 11th July Short Walk 10.30am(4)
    • 14th July Short Walk 10.00am
    • 16th July Cream Tea Walk 2pm
    • 17th July Short Walk 10.30am
    • 18th July FULL
    • 20th July Short Walk 10.00am
    • 22nd July Short Walk 10.30am
    • 24th July Lunchtime Walk 2pm
    • 25th July Short Walk 10.00am
    • 28th July Lunchtime Walk 11am
    • 30th July Short Walk 10.00am
    • 30th July Meet & Greet 3pm
    • 31st July Cream Tea Walk 2pm
    • 1st Aug Half Day Walk 10.30am
    • 3rd Aug Short Walk 10.00am
    • 5th Aug Short Walk 10.00am
    • 7th Aug Cream Tea Walk 2pm
    • 8th Aug Short Walk 10.00 am
    • 11th Aug FULL
    • 13th Aug Cream Tea Walk 2pm
    • 14th Aug Cream Tea Walk 2pm
    • 15th Aug Lunchtime Walk 11am
    • 17th Aug Short Walk 10.00am
    • 19th Aug Short Walk 10.30am(4)
    • 19th Aug Meet & Greet 3pm
    • 21st Aug Short Walk 10.00am
    • 22nd Aug  FULL
    • 25th Aug Short Walk 10.00am
    • 25th Aug Meet & Greet 3pm
    • 27th Aug Cream Tea Walk 2pm
    • 28th Aug Lunchtime Walk10.30am
    • 29th Aug Short Walk 10.00am
    • 29th Aug Meet & Greet 3pm
    • 30th Aug Short Walk 10.00am
    • 1st Sept Short Walk 2pm
    • 4th Sept Cream Tea Walk 2pm
    • 5th Sept Short walk 10.30am
    • 7th Sept Cream Tea walk 2pm
    • 12th Sept Half Day Walk 10.30am
    • 15th Sept FULL
    • 2nd Oct FULL

We do one Llama Walk per day, days in any one week (Closed Mondays except Bank Holidays).

If there are only a small number of places left on a walk there will be a number in brackets (2)


Payment in Full at time of Booking

N/A = These dates are not available for walks