Interesting Facts About Llamas

Llamas originated from the central plains of North America and migrated to South America where they were and still are used as pack animals in the mountainous areas. Llamas are considered one of the most enjoyable large animals that someone an own. They are extremely intelligent, very beautiful and graceful, and carry themselves with elegance.

Here are a few facts about Llamas that you may find useful:

  • Llamas are a member of the Camelid family.
  • They do not have hooves; each foot has two toes with soft pads.
  • Llamas can be described as pony size, although lighter approx 120-150Kg
  • They are not just white, but come in a great variety of colours from white to black with many shades in between. There are 35 different colours.
  • They have very soft, light and warm fibre, which is much sought after by local spinners and weavers.
  • They are gentle intelligent and highly trainable.
  • They are very hardy as they come from a harsh climate, high up in the Andes.
  • They do not have to be exercised or housed during winter.
  • They eat less than sheep on a weight ratio basis.
  • They do not need annual dipping like sheep.
  • They are relatively resistant to disease found in UK livestock.
  • Although they come from South America they do not suffer from any unusual or exotic problems.
  • They have high resistance to Foot & Mouth disease and many believe that they cannot contract it naturally.
  • Grass is the staple diet of a Llama, although they will nibble fresh hedgerow plants etc, they are not like goats however and will not stay to strip a tree.
  • They have a low environmental impact on footpaths.